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Desktop and Small Business Server Support

Caution: Cybercriminals are targeting PC owners with email, web, and phone scams. Sometimes posing as a PC manufacturer or partner, these scammers will try to “help” you install a Windows 10 update, antivirus or other software. In actuality, they hope to install ransomware or other malware on your computer.

ZT Systems and its retail and software partners will never proactively contact you asking to access to your PC. If you receive an unsolicited email or call from someone claiming to be affiliated with ZT Systems, Microsoft or a retailer, DO NOT follow the instructions, click on links, or open attachments. If you received the information by email, delete the message. Learn more about tech support scams here.

Contact Support:

(888) 984-8899

Please have your serial number ready when you call, or include in your email.