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Desktop and Small Business Server Support

Common Questions and Troubleshooting
Desktops  •  Servers  •  Component Upgrades

Where can I purchase ZT desktops?
ZT Systems retail desktop PCs are not presently for sale, however ZT stands behind all of its products. Customers who purchased ZT desktops and small business servers will continue to enjoy lifetime, toll-free phone technical support for hardware, and can rest assured that product warranties remain in full effect.

My system won't turn on, what do I do?
Step 1 : Make sure the power cable is securely plugged into the wall and into the back of the PC
Step 2 : If a surge protector is being used, verify that the master power switch is in the ON position
Step 3 : Plug the PC into a different outlet
Step 4 : If you have tried the above steps and your system still will not power on, please contact ZT technical

Where do I get drivers for my ZT Systems PC?
Please Click Here

What does “limited warranty” mean?
Our standard limited warranty covers all hardware related repairs for your ZT Systems computer. The warranty only applies to the original factory-installed components, and does not cover any additional components you may have added.

Do ZT Systems computers come with recovery discs?
Yes. Current ZT Systems PC models ship with recovery discs enabling you to reinstall the factory preloaded operating system. In the event that the operating system needs to be reinstalled or the hard drive requires reformatting, the discs provided with your new computer will enable you to perform these tasks.

What is lifetime technical support?
Lifetime technical support means that throughout the lifetime of the computer you can call our toll free 800 number for hardware technical assistance. You can reach us anytime, 24hrs a day 7, days a week.

Does this ZT Systems desktop PC come with a wireless networking card or “wifi”/wireless networking capabilities out of box?
No. ZT Systems desktops do not come with wireless networking capabilities built-in, however they are compatible with wireless cards or external USB wireless adapters if you choose to install one after purchase.

Are all ZT Systems computers manufactured in the USA?
Yes, all of our ZT Systems computers are assembled and serviced at our world-class manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Does this system support dual monitors?
Please consult the specifications for the individual model in question.

Does the DVD-RW Drive read and burn both CDs and DVDs?
Yes, you can read and burn CDs and DVDs using this type of drive.

Does the computer come with a data/fax modem?
No, ZT Systems desktops do not come with data/fax modems, however all current models do feature Ethernet LAN ports that enable you to connect to a broadband device such as a DSL or cable modem (sold separately.) Internal or external data/fax modems that are compatible with most PCs can be purchased separately if required for dial-up networking.

Do you have an extended warranty?
ZT Systems does not offer extended warranties, however extended warranties can often be obtained through the ZT retailer of your choice.

Is the office software mentioned in the specifications trial or full version?
Most models do NOT include a full version of Microsoft Office; please refer to the specifications for each model to determine what if any office software is included. Note that “Office Ready” means your system includes a free limited-time trial version of Microsoft Office, with a mechanism to purchase the full program separately from Microsoft if you choose.

To return a computer for a refund, do I contact ZT Systems or the retailer I purchased it from?
Refund policies vary by retailer. Please contact the retailer you purchased your PC from.

Component Upgrades:

Will adding my own hardware components affect my warranty?
Adding components will not affect your warranty unless there is physical damage to the computer or any of its original components, in which case the warranty will be void.

Can alternate or additional components (for example, video card or memory) be factory preinstalled when I purchase them on the same order at my retailer?
No. ZT Systems PCs are shipped with the configuration advertised on the retailer’s site. Any additional components you order will ship separately. You can then install them yourself.

Does ZT Systems sell individual components or peripherals (for example, video cards, monitors or memory) separately?
No. ZT Systems does not sell components or peripherals separately.

Is the memory expandable?
Maximum memory capacity varies by model. Please refer to the specifications for each model to determine. If you need further information please contact our presales department at (201)-559-1064 9am-6pm Mon-Fri.

Is the power supply sufficient for the system?
Yes, every ZT Systems PC is designed and verified to work with the power supply and components as specified and shipped. If you choose to perform major component upgrades, you may need to upgrade the power supply as well.

Can I upgrade from integrated graphics to a graphics card?
Yes, you can upgrade to a video/graphics card. Please keep in mind that adding a graphics card to the system will automatically disable the onboard/integrated graphics, thereby automatically enabling the graphics card installed.

Can I upgrade my hard drive, or install additional hard drives into my system?
Yes, you can add extra hard drives to the system. Please check the type of hard drive you are intending to add (IDE or SATA) to verify that these internal connections are available for use in your system.

Can I add or replace a DVD drive in my desktop system?
Yes, please verify the type of DVD drive you are intending to use (IDE or SATA) and verify that these internal connections are available for use in your system.

What kinds of PCIe x16 video cards can I install on this type of system?
ZT Systems desktops are compatible with most PCIe x16 video cards. Before purchasing a video card please be sure to check the card’s specifications, especially with respect to dimensions and power requirements, to ensure there are no conflicts with the specifications of your ZT Systems PC.


I go to install Windows Server and Windows Setup errors "Setup Did Not Detect any Hard Disks Attached To The Computer, What do I do?"
You need to install the SATA or RAID controller Driver. Prepare a floppy diskette with the appropriate driver and press F6 at the very first blue Windows Setup Screen. You will notice it near the bottom left. At the next screen press "S" to specify a mass storage controller. Put in your floppy diskette driver and press "Enter" Chose your Controller Driver and continue setup as normal.

My server keeps dropping the RAID 5 Array. What can I do?
Most likely the RAID Controller and Driver need to be updated. First download the updated RAID Controller Driver and update the driver in the Device Manager. Next create the RAID BIOS Firmware Update for the RAID Controller and update the Firmware BIOS. This will most likely solve the problem. As it is Common Issue with RAID.

Where do I get drivers for my server components?
We use standard components and can be downloaded from the components manufacture website: - RAID Controllers - Rocket RAID Controller - 3Ware Controller
For Onboard Raid Controllers and other Onboard Devices - Visit the Motherboard Manufacture website.
If you are unsure of your components and don't have your invoice, call 201-559-1000 Option 8 for tech support. Be sure you have your serial number ready.

I have an alarm on my server and one of the RAID members have failed. What do I do ?
It is possible that the member failed for a hardware problem, conflict, driver, or firmware issue. The first thing you should do is identify which drive has failed. Then call tech support to have the member rebuilt into the array. Update the Firmware BIOS and Drivers. If the drive is dead, then tech support will need to be contacted to setup an RMA replacement. 201-559-1000 option 8.

I am trying to use the Adaptec Storage Manager and it is asking me for a login and password. What is it?
Login Name: Administrator
Password : adaptec

I am trying to use the RocketRaid Utility and it is asking me for a login and password. What is it?
User Name: RAID (must be capitalized)
Password: "hpt" (must be lowercase, NOT capitalized)