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Disabling Auto-Login
The AutoAdminLogon is a feature in Windows XP that will allow the system to automatically log the on regardless of how many user accounts and how the logon screen is setup. This can be turned off by following the few simple steps below.

Note: After you turn this feature off, all your settings including, wallpaper, favorite places, and “My Documents” folder, etc will not be used anymore. This is because you will not be logging on as the Administrator account anymore. The first time you logon after this change will be with a NEW user account and the system will build an entirely new Profile for that user. If you want to move any of that data to the new user account, simply browse: My Computer - > C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator folder for the My Documents and Favorites. Simply copy those two folders to the new user account’s folder you are logging in with replacing the folders in there.

Example: Copy C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents and paste it into C:\Documents and Settings\New User

Steps For Disabling Auto Administrator Logon:

Step 1: Click [Start] button on the bottom left of screen
Step 2: Click [Run]
Step 3: Type [regedit] and press [Enter] or click [OK]
Step 4: Click the [Edit] menu from the top of the Registry Editor Window and chose the [Find] option
Step 5: Type [autoadminlogon] in the search field and Click [Find Next] button
Step 6: After the Wizard searches, it will find a key in the right window pane and will be highlighted. Locate the Autoadminlogon key and double click on it.
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Step 7: Change the Value from a 1 to a 0 and click [OK].
Step 8: Close the Registry Editor and reboot the computer.
Your are now finished with the AutoAdminLogon procedures.