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Setup & Troubleshooting: Hard Drive Removal and Installation
1.  First, turn the machine off and unplug all cables.

2.  Place the back of the system facing towards you, and look at the left and right side panels. There will be 2 screws on each side, and they will be located on the black section.

3. Once the screws are removed, you can then slide the panel towards yourself and it will come out.
Left Side Panel Removed Right Side Panel Removed
4.  With the side panels off, you should now be able to see inside the machine. The hard drive will be located near the front-bottom of the case. It will be similar to a small metallic box.
5.  There will be 2 screws attached to the hard drive on each side. Remove all four.
6 Once the hard drive is located, remove the 2 cables attached to it. There will be one flat, red cable (SATA) and a multi-colored power cable. Gently pull back the cables to remove each one.
7. You can now slide the hard drive out of the case.
Picture of hard drive removed from case
8. To install a hard-drive, perform the steps above in reverse. Depending on the model of your system, you can install a certain number of drives. Please read the documentation for your system to find out how many open ports your system contains.