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Setup & Troubleshooting: DVD Drive Removal and Installation
1.  First, turn the machine off and unplug all cables.

2.  Place the back of the system facing towards you, and look at the left and right side panels. There will be 2 screws on each side, and they will be located on the black section.

3. Remove all four screws. Once removed, you can then slide the left and right panels towards yourself, and they should come right off.

4. With the side panels off, you should now be able to see inside the machine. The DVD drive will be located near the front-top of the case. Depending on the model, if there is a front cover, please continue to Step 5. If there is no front cover, go to step 6.

5. Next, remove the front cover. Inside the front left and right side panels, you will find clips that secure the front cover. Press down on both clips, and then gently remove the front cover. (3 clips total on both sides).
"M" Models "X" Models
"N" Models "L" Models
6.  There will be some cables attached to the front cover, so please be careful not to remove or damage the cables. Once the front cover is detached, locate the screws on both sides of the DVD drive. Remove all 4 screws on each side. If there is no front cover, you can just remove the side covers.
(Pictured above with front panel removed)
(Removal of screws holding in DVD drive)
There will be a total of 4 screws; 2 on each side. Please remove the screws. Once the screws are removed, you can then unplug the connections on the DVD drive. Typically, newer model DVD drives will use a SATA cable and SATA power cable. Older drives like IDE drives, use a ribbon cable and regular power connector.
(Back of typical SATA DVD drive)
You should now be able to slide the DVD drive out of the case. Slide the DVD drive towards yourself and it should come right out.
To install a DVD drive, perform the steps above in reverse. If you are installing a 2nd DVD drive, you will need to remove the removable metal front plate covering the bay. It can be removed with your hands, but please be careful as the edges are sharp. Once the plate is removed, you can then slide the drive in, and install normally.
(Picture showing front metal plate for 2nd bay)