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Setup & Troubleshooting: Setting Up Dual Displays
Certain ZT models feature “dual-display capability,” which means you can connect two compatible monitors to your PC and use them simultaneously. This enables you to create an extended working area for ease of multi-tasking and enhanced productivity, or to view the same thing on both displays.
How to tell if you have dual-monitor capability:

You may have dual-monitor display capability if your system has a discrete video card installed, or if your motherboard supports onboard dual-display. Look for multiple video port connections on the back of the PC. Note that some systems include display ports that are inactive due to an installed discreet video card, and that not all systems with multiple display ports support dual monitor operation. If you have any questions regarding dual-display capability, please contact our technical support department for immediate assistance.

How to configure your system for dual-displays:

1. First, connect both monitors to your system. Connect monitor one to the appropriate port (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort) and then connect monitor 2 to any remaining port.

2. Turn the system on, and start Windows.

3. Once in Windows, right click on your desktop and click on Screen Resolution.

4. You should see two monitors beneath “Change the Appearance of your display.” Click on Identify, and it should show you which monitor is labeled number 1 and number 2.

5. You can also indicate whether you want the 2 displays to be one large desktop or duplicate the screens for both.
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